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New Look T3 Ultrabsorb Formula

We are proud to introduce you the new package of our ProEssence T3 Ultrabsorb Formula. Our TGA listed T3 Ultrabsorb Formula is the leading palm Tocotrienols health supplement in Australia. Health benefits include antioxidant, supports healthy immune system function, reduces free radicals damage, and supports wound healing. We just love our new natural tone package design. Please feel free let us know what you think via our Facebook page or inbox us directly.

TIQ Health & Wellness Directory 2020

Our T3 Ultrabsorb Formula is proud to be in the TIQ (Trade and Investment Queensland) Health & Wellness Directory 2020. We are one of the first cohort of 39 Qld health & wellness businesses to be promoted around the world through TIQ’s (Trade and Investment Queensland) 15 overseas offices. They in turn, will distribute it to their network of importers, distributors, wholesalers, online platform operators, retailer, etc. It is one of many ways TIQ is working behind the scene to promote the Queensland business.

Supporting the Bushfire and drought appeal

We support Australian farmers and rural communities. GIVIT is our chosen charity to the bush fire and drought appeal. GIVIT Listed Ltd is now the only reliable source of exactly what is needed in disaster response and recovery. GIVIT work with local charities, community groups, the state government and councils in an affected area to help them obtain exactly what is needed, when it is needed.