TIQ Health & Wellness Directory 2020

Our T3 Ultrabsorb Formula is proud to be in the TIQ (Trade and Investment Queensland) Health & Wellness Directory 2020. We are one of the first cohort of 39 Qld health & wellness businesses to be promoted around the world through TIQ’s (Trade and Investment Queensland) 15 overseas offices. They in turn, will distribute it to their network of importers, distributors, wholesalers, online platform operators, retailer, etc. It is one of many ways TIQ is working behind the scene to promote the Queensland business.

TIQ has selected a number of quality Queensland health and wellness business to participate this program. And we, the Provital, are proud to be in this program four years in a row. In particular, our clinically proven T3 Ultrabsorb Formula has attracted many enquiries from their overseas offices.

T3 is the short form of Tocotrienols, a member found in the Vitamin E family. Studies have shown that Tocotrienols are beneficial for cholesterol management, maintaining healthy arteries, boosting our immune system and helping to protect our brains in case of stroke. In recent years, many studies suggested that Tocotrienols possess supreme anti-oxidation benefits on anti-aging, skin whitening, UV protection and hair loss prevention, has also attracted tremendous attention from the cosmetic
and beauty industries. Scientist and media have named tocotrienols as the new generation super vitamin E.

Our TGA listed T3 Ultrabsorb Formula has been formulated with a bio-enhanced absorption technology using palm fruit isolated Tocotrienol, a compound which has been researched extensively in more than 19 clinical trials and hundreds of research studies. It has been proven to enhance the bioavailability of Tocotrienol in human for up to 300% better compared to other regular tocotrienols product. T3 Ultrabsorb Formula is plant-derived as nature-intended, Non-GMO, and Non-Soy. T3 Ultrabsorb Formula is proud to be the leading Tocotrienols health supplement in Australia.