Our company Provital was established in 2010 in sunny Queensland Australia. ProEssence is our flagship trademark label. Our founders are Scientists and Industry Professionals, whom share a common goal, “better health, better lives”. We have a passion on nature. We believe that the amazing ingredients from nature could benefit our health. Based on our expertise in science, herbs and nutrients, we have selected Tocotrienols for our product development. In 2017, we have developed the second generation of our tocotrienols product, the ProEssence – T3 Ultrabsorb Formula.

Our Provital trademark “P” logo stands for our Passion. It comes with four amazing blue colours representing our Passion in four areas

We believe that the beautiful ingredients from nature have the power to benefit our living.

All our product’s health claims are backed by science. We take proud in our on-going science researches.

We are committed to the industry highest standard. Our health supplements are manufactured in GMP facility and approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Social Responsible
We love the nature. All the natural ingredients we use in our products are non-GMO, and sustainably-produced. We also love our community. We donate a partial of our proceeds to the local charities on a monthly basis.