T3 Ultrabsorb Formula proud to be listed on TIQ Health and Wellness Directory 2024

We are proud to be in the TIQ (Trade and Investment Queensland) Health & Wellness Directory 2024. TIQ has selected a number of quality Queensland health and wellness business to participate this program. And we, the Provital, are proud to be in this program five years in a row. In particular, our T3 Ultrabsorb Formula has attracted many enquiries from their overseas contacts.

Our TGA listed T3 Ultrabsorb Formula has been formulated with a bio-enhanced absorption technology using palm fruit isolated Tocotrienol, a compound which has been researched extensively in many research studies. T3 Ultrabsorb Formula is plant-derived as nature-intended, and non-GMO. T3 Ultrabsorb Formula is proud to be the leading Tocotrienols health supplement in Australia.