Provital Developing New Product – T3 Ultrabsorb Formula

Provital is delighted to announce that their new product T3 Ultrabsorb Formula will be available by the mid of July 2017. The newly improved formula is the subject of at least 16 clinical trials conducted internationally and represents a major breakthrough in improving the bioavailability and effectiveness of Toctrienols. The new T3 Ultrabsorb Formula has a clinically proven technology which enhances the human bio absorption of Tocotrienol by up to 300%.


Dr Patrick Ling, who is leading Provital’s Research and Development team, is pleased to see the new development.


“The bio-enhanced absorption technology is a major breakthrough in Tocotrienols research. For years our R&D team have been trying to find the best way to maximize the health benefit of our T3 Formula. We are all very excited about this new absorption formula because it can substantially increase the amount of Tocotrienol being absorbed into our body, and as a result achieve a higher efficacy with the same dosage. In other word, with this new T3 Ultrabsorb Formula, our consumer will experience an ultra-health benefit of Tocotrienols at the next level.”


Eddie Yuen, Director of Provital, is excited to see this new T3 Ultrabsorb Formula.


“We always place science as our first priority. This new T3 Ultrabsorb Formula is the best evidence that highlighted our effort and commitment in improving our products continuously. There is already a strong demand on this new product in both the China and Hong Kong markets. This new product will also be available at our very own Australian Birks Chemist chain, and a number of health supplement shops across the region.”


Tocotrienols is one of the hottest topic in scientific research field since the early 90s. Multiple hundreds of research articles have been published globally on a series of influential scientific research journals. Tocotrienol has been the subject of a number of large scale clinical trials with overwhelming successes. It is well known that Tocotrienols can deliver benefits in the area of skin health, anti-aging, liver health, heart health, brain health, muscle recovery, and immune system.


Provital is one of the first Australian company to bring Tocotrienols to Australia. Their T3 Formula is complied with the Australia TGA standard. Their new T3 Ultrabsorb Formula is manufactured in Australia under the TGA approved GMP facility. It is expected that this new T3 Ultrabsorb Formula product will be available to the market by mid of July 2017.


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